I have long since abandoned my little guitar blog here.  Life has taken me many places.  I've had triumphs.  I've had failures.  I've had tragedies.  I've had a lot happen to me and to my loved ones and around me and around those I love.


My little guitar blog was the beginning of...something.  Of writing bits of my life and sharing them.  Of purposefully exploring my journey with six strings and a box with words.  Of purposefully exploring a journey within myself as well.  My little guitar blog never got very deep.  But the music did.  And the satisfaction of attaining a little mastery of my instrument.


I've had a very long stretch of spiritual stagnation.  I've not enjoyed church. I've not enjoyed the sermons.  I've not been happy with God.  In fact, you can say I was, and still am, quite livid with Him.  And since church is where I do most of my playing, my zest for the instrument has stagnated as well.  My calluses are gone. My left hand is clumsy unless it is a song I know very well.  I just don't care.


Yesterday, I played in my church praise team band.  I'm still doing the cowboy cords and the campground strum.  But I enjoyed it like I haven't in years. I enjoyed the way my box with six strings sang.  I enjoyed provided a rhythm against the melody played on the piano.  I enjoyed making music.  I've had some experiences in the realm of faith these last two months that has opened small areas of growth.  And I find it fascinating that, along with these small awakening, so too my itch to strum awakes.


I don't know if I'm at the beginning of something or at the end of something else.


I have a feeling it is both


And neither

I've been thinking...

...it might be time to see Amish Guitar posts again.

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