Ah, Come On

One thing that I should have expected but didn't when I started teaching myself guitar is requests that I play. If it were for small family gatherings or friends, it would be one thing. Instead I am being asked relentlessly by a member of the praise team at church to play. I don't want to. Or, to be more precise, I don't want to right now. I don't believe my skills are up to the task.

Playing in the praise team was one of my goals when I decided to learn. There are two guys who pretty much do all the guitar work right now and I know they're getting tired. But, I'm not ready. And anybody who knows me will know that I will usually do the opposite of what I'm being pressured to do. I'm getting to the point of saying no to her for now and for the future.

Thing is, I don't really care for the music the praise team plays. As a teenager I was involved in a church that began to insist that the songs the praise team (banjo band at that church) were more uplifting and meaningful than the 4 part hymns. I found most of their songs to be simple minded and empty of sound theology. They were just songs that made one feel good. And there is nothing, I repeat nothing, wrong with that. But I wanted to experience more in my music than melody and endlessly repeated phrases of praise. And I was treated as if I was simply wrong--that the banjo band would supply all my musical needs in the church.

So, in my current church, I have struggled to accept the praise team. This congregation has done a great job in balancing the band's songs with the a cappella hymns that I love so dearly. So, why in the world would I even consider playing you may be asking. Its simple. I came to realize that the praise songs the band plays has tremendous meaning to some of my brothers and sisters in the church family. I also feel a strong need to share any gift I may have with the church. If I have musical talent, and can play the guitar, I have a certain duty to share that gift even if I'm not fond of the music itself. And I don't think I'm being false when I do sing with the group (but not play) because, again, I know I am helping some in the church experience God in ways that they can but I cannot.

Does this make sense?

Anyway, I wish she would just let me be to learn at my own pace. I will play in church soon enough.


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