Six strings pulled tight across a hollow box. The player presses a combination of positions along the neck into the frets and strums across the strings near the soundhole. The vibration of the strings is transfered mechanically to the saddle, through the bridge and ultimately into the box top. It is then amplified by echoing in the hollow chamber to produce pleasing or not so pleasing sounds, chords....music.

I understand the mechanics of playing. I can work the fingerboard and keep a rhythm. But, what I fear I lack is heart. I pick up the instrument every day and feel the potential resounding within it. I don't feel the same potential in me. I've always feared that is how I've approached my adult life...analytical, reasoning, thinking, learning but not necessarily with passion, emotion, or expression. I understand my world by intuition, by observing. I've not spent a lot of time creating.

My guitar is my chance to create something, if I can stop thinking about it long enough to do something.


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