It's not the tune, it's the groove, baby!

You know, sometimes I get bored playing guitar. Down right bored. I mean, how many times can I go from G to D to C and back to G again? How many times can I play the same songs over and over? Why do I bother when it doesn't seem like I'm doing anything new? Well, that's how I've been feeling quite often this winter. And then, fate would bring me a new challenge, or at least a renewed spirit. I came across a video on YouTube by Rockongoodpeople that taught a strum pattern new to me. I realized in a near instant that my boredom wasn't in chords, but in rhythm. There's a whole new life to the same old chords when you get out of the comfortable rhythms you started with at the beginning.

Rockongoodpeople is tied to the commercial venture at I know nothing of their commercial products, but they offer many free videos at their site and on YouTube.


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