Hoo Boy Continued

Last night the praise team had another practice for the upcoming community worship I wrote about earlier. One of the members had gone through most the hymns and chorded them out, so that's good. I still feel very unprepared, but I'm going to do it anyway. Why? Because my modus operandi seems to be that I worry and fret and fear performances and it always turns out ok. And, if it doesn't, I can stop playing and just sing.

Thankfully I've learned not to change strings the night before a performance. :^)

Some good news is in order, however. I played my song Caitlyn's Starshine for my friend Doug. Some of you longtime readers may remember Doug from when I asked him to critique another song of mine. He was honest then and it hurt. This time, however, he really liked it and wanted me to show him the chords.

Yeah me!


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