I weep

This morning, a friend in our Sunday School class shared a heart wrenching story. Friends of hers lost their son on Saturday. The family was outside, sledding on a hill by their house. Mom and dad, two sons (a junior and a 3rd grader) and a daughter (in 7th grade). The family watched in horror as the third grader sled into the street and was killed by an on coming car. The driver, who happened to be their neighbor, had no time to react. The poor boy was killed instantly.

I really wish I was making this up.

I don't even know these people. I just know a mutual friend, who was in considerable pain herself. I cannot imagine losing a child. I cannot imagine having to witness the accident that took a child. My heart is weeping for them.

It is probably cliche to say so, but so many things are now in perspective. Trouble at work, children who don't listen, that damn F chord. None of it matters. None.

What does matter? Again, a cliche, but from where I sit, love is the only thing that matters. Love for my family and my friends. Love for people I don't know. Love even for the people who hate me.

I am praying that love washes over this family as they make their way through this horrific tragedy.

That's all I can do.

I hope it is enough.


  1. ALittleGuitar said...
    As the father of two, that's tragic beyond words.
    K. Jay said...
    Yes, it is. I have three children and have a seventh grader and a third grader among them. It has really made an impact. Thanks for the comment.
    Saints and Spinners said...
    I'm so sorry the family has to go through this.

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