And so the mid life crisis begins

I want to bring your attention to three young musicians that have come to my own attention over the last few weeks. Well, two of the three at least. The third one out is someone I've been following for a few months now. And there is a guitar connection in that all three do play guitar. That, however, is not the strongest link between the three of them. Besides entertaining youtube videos and infectious energy, all three are ukulele players.

First (actually, third, if I want to stay consistent), Molly aka sweetafton23. I'm not exactly sure how I stumbled across Molly, though I think I followed a link from my friend's blog Saints & Spinners. I've enjoyed Molly's music as well has her humorous comments she makes in her vlog posts. You may have noticed my link to Molly's blog over there on the right of my own.

Over Christmas, Molly posted that she had collaborated on a Christmas video with one Wade Johnston. The collaboration really wowed me too. Who was this guy? I had no idea, but I enjoyed his videos.

Watching through Wade's video brings me to the final musician--Julia Nunes. Poking around the Youtube universe makes me wonder if I was the last guy to know about Ms Nunes. Well, not really considering how old I am. But again, I was (and am) floored by her creations.

I swear I'm not a creepy old guy, though I immediately think to myself--don't protest too much.

What I find myself thinking about as I watch these musicians is my own young adulthood in college. What energy! What freedom! I don't pretend that I had (or have) the talent these young people have--but a small part of me wonders if that is what I'm trying to recapture by picking up the guitfiddle. And I really wonder if that is such a bad thing. I see in these artists that certain something I once took for granted but know still has a place somewhere among my adult responsibilities of husband, father, employer, wage earner, etc., etc., blah, blah, blah. I miss my college days dammit!

Ok, enough of my nostalgic trip down old person's lane. Check 'em out. As for me and my mid life crisis, I'm thinking about a new blog: AmishUkulele.


  1. The Kanji Hanzi Hub said...
    My, My Mr Amish. You gave me a lot of work by this post! Look at "Julia Nunes to Japan and Chins. Soon :-)" and you will know what I mean:

    Take care and good luck with your AmishUkulele!
    K. Jay said...
    Thanks! You must have been digging around in some old posts on FPN if you came across my blog. I haven't posted there in months. FPN is a good place to be, though. My interests just turned from the latest pen and ink to this obsession with the guitar.

    Good luck to you as well!
    The Kanji Hanzi Hub said...
    Yes, I guess it was some old post. I found something along "What pen do you use most" or the likes. As you say, it seems like a High Quality forum.

    I am of that obsessive types too :-)I haven't played guitar for years. I used to play classical guitar and have two boxes with sheet music stored away and am thinking about open them up.

    Funny: For all these years I have still kept the habit of keeping my nails long on the right hand and entirely cutting down the left ones to zero. Anything else feels utterly WRONG. Obsession :-)

    See you!
    Saints and Spinners said...
    I've got a ukulele! I've also got a chord sheet somewhere. Unshelved this week is about a library in MA that allows a uke to circulate. Don't forget to check out Walter Minkel's blog, too. He's a uke playing librarian:

    By the way, if I'm doing my math right, Ella Jenkins, the first lady of children's music, began playing ukulele in her late thirties.
    ALittleGuitar said...
    hurry, even fender is coming out w/ a line of ukes:

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