Beginner's end

I've not been able to play my guitar the last few evenings. Well, make that I haven't wanted to. I suppose all players go through periods where they just don't feel like playing. It's odd, though, that as my depression has lifted this winter, I've wanted to play less. You'd think I'd have more energy and desire to play. It's not that way, however. The only way I can express it is to say there isn't any music in me right now. Playing guitar has always been cathartic for me. Actually, the very genesis of this journey was to pour my depression and anxious energy into a more productive endeavor. And I've written more than once about how hearing the music I play brings out emotions I wasn't aware I was dealing with. So, I suppose it shouldn't be a surprise that as I feel better, I don't need the therapy as much.

Part of the problem too is that I've reached the end of being a beginner. It's no longer a challenge at the level I'm at; no longer something to overcome. And I'm not sure what the next step will be.

At any rate, this isn't the end for AmishGuitar. I recognize it for what it is--a lull, a respite. I enjoy playing in church and for my kids way too much for me to walk away now.


  1. ALittleGuitar said...
    Congratulations on reaching the end of the beginning. I'm sure the next phase will be rewarding for you.

    (does this mean the uke is out?)
    Saints and Spinners said...
    I thought I was the only one to go through plateaus, but it seems that it's quite common. I haven't really been in the mood to play either. I should do a little practice tonight, though, just to keep my fingers from punishing me tomorrow. Steel strings are unforgiving.
    K. Jay said...
    ALG: Naw, the uke isn't down for the count. I've bid on a 3/4 guitar at a local charity so I need to keep my meager allowance set aside should I win that first.

    S&S: Yeah, I don't think this is abnormal at all. Tonight Mrs. Amish is working so I should have an opportunity after the kids go to bed.

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