I just picked up my third guitar. Why do I need a third guitar? I have absolutely no idea.

I won the guitar in a silent auction at a local thrift shop that supports my denomination's relief, development and peace agency, the Mennonite Central Committee. I was secretly hoping that I'd be outbid because I bid without looking the instrument over very well or checking its reputation online. And I'm a cheap bastard. But, I didn't pay an exorbitant amount and the cash does support something I find worthwhile.

It's a Yamaha FG-331 and is in relatively good condition. I think. I didn't notice just how high the action is and am a bit worried as the saddle seems to have already been lowered at some point in its life. I suppose I'll take it home, clean it up and put on new strings and see what it is really like. If we can ever find our digital camera, I'll post pics and a quick first impressions soon.


  1. Saints and Spinners said...
    Why do you need a third guitar? Such a silly question.:)
    K. Jay said...
    Hee hee

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