Guitar Lesson #23

There is nothing wrong with being a player who "only" knows the cowboy chords and a basic strum. If it brings you joy, enjoy it with pride. Life is too short to worry about what you "can't" do.

Yes, this is corny. But it doesn't hurt to remember it anyway.


  1. Saints and Spinners said...
    What are the cowboy chords?
    K. Jay said...
    As I understand it, Cowboy Chords are the basic chords one plays on the first, second and third frets and has an open string: C, A, G, E, D, Em, Am, Dm. So called because these are the basic chords to which thousands of campfire songs can be played, these are fundamental to any player. But there are those out there that believe if a player doesn't learn chords beyond these, then s/he isn't a "real" player.

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