Beauty is...

The other night I was headed out to the family room to get some practice in. My oldest daughter met me in the kitchen to tell me she couldn't sleep. Normally I would send her to bed with a lecture on how she just needs to stay in bed until she falls asleep. After all, it was after ten and it was a school night.

That night, however, I decided to have her follow me out to the family room and lay down on the couch while I practiced. She got all comfy in a spot where she could see me. I sat down and started working on my lesson which included learning arpeggios. I'd look over at her every now and again. I was bemused by the rather dreamy expression she wore as I went through the paces. G chord, D, C, back to G. The G arpeggio was really a bother for me so I spent some time with that one.

Before I knew it, a half hour had gone past and my daughter was fast asleep. I put my guitar in its case and woke her up. Sent her to bed with a kiss an I love you.

Beauty is...watching your daughter fall asleep. It is a treasure that I haven't really experienced since she was a toddler.


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