Calgon, take me away....

Well, the notion of working on nothing but chord changes seems to be paying off. I still can't do it as quick as I like, but the transitions are going smoother. I came across a website that had some interesting hints at practicing. I was particularly interested in the author's explanation of tensing up in the left shoulder and its affect on the fretting hand. So, during my 10 minutes of practicing chord changes, I made an effort to pay attention to the tension in my shoulder. Jebus! was I ever tensing up. I learned that if I concentrated on relaxing my shoulder, my left hand did its thing without much instruction from me. I've ordered the author's book from my local library. If they can't get it, it may be worth putting down the cash for the book. From what I can tell, she doesn't teach how to play, she teaches how to practice. And, I think that's what I need right now.

Anyway, I spent an hour playing for the fun of it Sunday evening. It felt real good.


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