Do I play?

At what point does the student become a player?  I've been "learning guitar" for about 10 months.  I can play the basic open chords.  With practice I can play the songs that use these chords.  At what point can I say "I (can) play guitar" instead of "I'm learning"?  Simple truth is, one never stops learning.  That's true of all true endeavors in life.  I'm a husband, but I never stop learning how to be a husband.  I'm a manager, but I'm never done with management training.  But I am still hesitant to tell people that I play guitar.  I still tell them I'm learning.  I'm sure it has all to do with modesty.  I'm not confident in my playing so I downplay my skills so my friends, family won't expect too much from my music.  But the truth is, I do "ok" if I'd only trust in my abilities.

So, am I a player yet?

No.  I'm still not.  But, I will set a goal that by the time a year rolls around I will be at a point where I can say that I am.

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  1. Pribek said...
    I enjoyed the post K Jay. I have been a guitar player most of my life. I have been going through a process of re-learning to play, from square one, due to a medical condition.
    You are right, the learning never ends. Sometimes it slows, sometimes it leaps and bounds.

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