Jebus! did yesterday wear me out. I've got a lot going on, as I mentioned before. I feel like other people and other situations are taking control of how I spend my time. This always, always stresses me to the max. So, I decided that, no matter what, I would not go to bed until I spent some time playing. Which I did, and in the end was rewarding.

But there were problems with that too. The guitar seemed to keep going flat on me even though the tuner said all was ok, so I wonder if there is an intonation problem. Perhaps I should put the humidifier in? I didn't think that was necessary with a laminated top, but what do I know? It was hard to let go of my stress when the sounds from my guitar weren't the ones I was hoping for. In the end though, the noodling was exactly what I needed. I relaxed to the point where I could let go of my workweek and everything else and enjoy the rest of my evening.


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