Thank you, Mr. Hay...

I've been listening to a CD called Man at work by Colin Hay. A few of his tracks on that album is just him and his acoustic guitar--most notably Overkill and Waiting for my real life to begin. What I wouldn't do to play like that. Of course, the man is a professional and has been playing for, what, 40+ years? But it doesn't discourage me. I haven't been playing every night like I want to. Listening to Mr. Hay has sustained me, however, simply by allowing me to admire his music, to dream of what I may someday sort of do. Other parts of my life are really getting me down and really eating up my time. I'm grateful to have found an artist like Mr. Hay to immerse my senses into. I don't get that magic from many (most) artists. His work on this album is approachable, meaningful and enjoyable.


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