My crisis is over. Tragedy has been averted. I'm back on track. I love my guitar.

Everything I've written about lately is still rather raw with me. I do have a thin skin and I am very critical of my self. And, I was very embarrassed to play for Arlen my song and get the reaction I got. I was even more embarrassed when I asked Doug for an honest assessment of the song. Words such as monotonous, simple, and amateurish came from his mouth. Well, I had asked him for an honest opinion. I knew these things. It hurt to hear it.

But, screw it. I decided that the reason I'm learning guitar if for myself and I'll not worry what others think. I'll also keep songs special to me closer to the heart when I know they are not worthy. Well, every song I write is worthy in one way or another, but perhaps it isn't worthy of someone else to hear.

Last week I played Edelweiss to an arpeggio. That's new.


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