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Whither the blog? I thought recording my random thoughts on learning guitar might be interesting. Turns out it isn't. Not even for me. Not even for my wife. Not for my friends that I've shared this site with. And certainly not for the random web citizen that may be unfortunate enough to land on my pitiful musings. I write about frustrations but how many times can I talk about my uncertainty? I write about special times I've experienced with my guitar, but I've learned there just aren't that many. Sure, playing guitar can be relaxing and sometimes even healing. But, who wants to hear it? I don't even want to write about it.

I wish I could find a blog by someone who is writing on this subject and who can do it a helluva lot better than me. But type in Learning Guitar into the search and you get thousands of instructional blogs, but no diaries. Phooey. I'm not confident that anyone is writing on such a narrow subject.

Plus, it seems to me that in this blogosphere you gotta be connected somehow. I keep reading about memes and comments on other people's blogs. Just how the hell does one get connected into the social network? And do I really want to play that game?

I just wanted to learn guitar and record my thoughts on my accomplishments. Turns out that is very boring.

So, the Amish Guitar is on hiatus until I figure out what to do with it.

Until then, go read the blog of a colleague of mine at Troll Bridge. Geoff knows how to write in ways that make the mundane interesting. So far as I know he hasn't ever written about a guitar. But I know he plays.

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  1. Geoff said...
    Hey! Thanks for the plug!

    I can't say that the guitar has been a frequent topic of mine, though perhaps it may soon become a topic of discussion, given that our oldest daughter has asked for one this Christmas (and I believe St. Nick will oblige).

    I do, however, have a page here where you can take an audiophonic journey back in time to my crazy rock-'n'-roll days. Enjoy! :^D

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