Beach Guitar

I do believe I shall soon be in the market for a new beach guitar. The guitar I keep at work is just not cutting it. It sounded so good when I first bought it but now it grates on every nerve. I don't know if it is a problem of humidity or if it needs a decent set up (something I've never done for this guitar). The intonation is horrid and the action so high you could slice cheese. Hard cheese.

I've tried telling myself that my second guitar isn't supposed to sound like my Art and Lutherie. It only needs to be able to help me get through the day. Yet I can't ignore the fact that the thing plays so out of tune depending on which chords I'm playing. For example, the G chord goes flat on the low E string; the C chord goes horribly flat on the B string. I don't even want to describe the A chord and the action makes an F nearly impossible.

I'm a stubborn person and I don't like to admit when I've chosen a lemon. However, I must admit that playing an instrument that sounds so horrid does not bring the enjoyment I need to relax during the workday.


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