On Sunday, my wife and I drove separately to church. I had to work in the afternoon and she needed to be home. It isn't the best situation with the price of gas, but it did make life easier. Or so I thought.

After church I decided I didn't want to mess with taking my guitar into the library. So, I packed it away in the back of the van. I failed to mention it's presence to my wife. You can guess where this is headed can't you?

My wife was leaving that afternoon for a week at a summer camp to volunteer as the camp nurse. This saves us big bucks as it means that one of our kids gets to attend camp for free. She took the van. She took my guitar with the van.

Oh woe is me! It's my fault. I thought about it on my way to work that I should call her, but I remembered that she had forgotten her cell phone that morning. By the time I started working it was far from my mind.

My guitar is OK. I was able to call my wife after she arrived at the camp and she moved it into an air conditioned room. But now I'm stuck with the other guitar until my beloved returns.

I'll leave you all to guess if I'm speaking of my guitar or my wife.


  1. Alkelda the Gleeful said...
    You're speaking of both, I presume!
    K. Jay said...
    Such wisdom!

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