A Moment Suspended

I haven't been able to get the guitar out for a few days. My family and I were out of town over a long weekend to make sure my brother got married. It was a marvelous time. Just no time for the guitar.

I wrote a few weeks ago about searching out and finding the hymn "I Bind My Heart This Tide." Well, that song has taken a strong hold on my mind and soul. I strum it, and it is beautiful. I pick out the melody, and my heart sings. Last night I picked up my guitar and tried some Travis style picking to the chord progression and I nearly cried. Yeah, a bit over dramatic, but, dagnabit, I love that hymn!

My wife walked in after I had played it through a few times. She said "That's pretty. What is it?" I proceeded to sing it to her while finger picking. All the powers of the universe must have lined up at that moment. Smooth chord changes. Strings that have aged into a caramel mellow tone. A picking rhythm that complements the song so well. It is very rare that I actually feel the music flowing out of me and into my instrument. Last night was one of those times.

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  1. Alkelda the Gleeful said...
    I love it when the flow happens.

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