I had given up

If anyone has taken the time to read back through my posts, they will remember that I had put this blog on hiatus last December. I just didn't think I had anything to write. It seemed that all I did was moan about this, that or the other. And, I shared some personal hurt I took when sharing my music with a friend. I said at the time I wish I could find someone who was blogging about the same things I wanted to, but did it better. I had given up.

Well, fast forward a couple months, a broken leg, a few surgeries and plenty of time to play. On a lark I googled the words guitar and musings. What I found is a great blog called, tada! Guitar Musings. It's written by Larry who, in all appearance, is just a regular guy striving learn and grow with his guitar skills.

I dropped Larry an email thanking him for writing on this subject. He was kind enough to reply. In turn, I mentioned Amish Guitar. I didn't think much of it, but he took the time to check it out. He sent me another kind email and gave me a link to ProBlogger.

Well, between reading tips on ProBlogger and being inspired by Guitar Musings, I found myself enjoying my playing more AND wanting to write about it, warts and all. Larry's posts showed me that I can write about my limitations but still be positive. My blog will most likely always be more on the personal side, a little bit rough and unpolished, and some of my emotions on my sleeve, but I'm writing again and having fun doing it.

Check out the links.

And, thanks Larry.


  1. Alkelda the Gleeful said...
    A broken leg? A few surgeries? It all sounds so laid-back. Hah. I think of the Leonard Cohen line, "There is a crack in everything-- that's how the light gets in." When Cohen sings the song (Anthem), it sounds like hope, not empty promises. I'm glad you found a little inspiration.
    K. Jay said...
    Alkelda: email sent.

    I'll have to check out the Leonard Cohen song soon.
    Guitar Musings said...
    Wow! Thanks for the mention. I'm really glad that I was able to help and I would also like to mention that, you helped me as well. I was also getting pretty frustrated because my blog wasn't getting as many hits as I hoped. Perfect timing, your email showed up in my Inbox and after I read it, I felt better and re-fueled my tanks to keep going. So thank you!
    I look forward to reading more posts and keep on playing. It's the best medicine I can think of. Also, sorry to hear about your leg, broken legs are tough. I broke my ankle/leg playing softball about 10 years back. Two operations, 1 screw and a cast later, I’m doing well. It still bothers me but not as much as having to sit around and using crutches.

    Larry McDowell (Guitar Musings)
    K. Jay said...
    You're welcome Larry!

    Crutches? I dreamed of using crutches. No, I did it good and got to use a walker. My mom threatened to sew up a little pocket to hang from the front like her residents at the retirement home. :^)

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