I was nervous when the girls and I set up for the offertory. But only a little bit. To tell the truth, I was too busy to be nervous. I hadn't realized it, but I had volunteered to be involved in everything musical that morning--song leading, praise team and the offertory.

The girls did great. The deal between us was that they would sing alone. I would only come in if they got lost or started messing up. No need. My guitar playing, on the other hand, wasn't my best. I flubbed a few chords that are usually a no brainer. But I hit those B minors!

I happen to attend a church where the congregation actually applauds in appreciation. Mennonites applauding in church! The girls received two round of adulation, one for each song. My oldest daughter, who is a bit of a ham, did a little courtesy which got a laugh.

I'm lucky to have a church where I'm not expected to be perfect. Where kids, young kids, are encouraged to participate. I am blessed.


  1. Alkelda the Gleeful said...
    Congratulations! I hope you get more chances to play in church. It's great that there is a safe place for you to play in public to get all that practice.
    K. Jay said...
    Thanks Alkelda. We attend a small church (around 80 regular attendees). In many ways being so small gives me more opportunities. There are only so many of us who "do music" as my dad once said. But, just about everyone finds a place to contribute besides sitting in their pew. Gifts come in various talents, skills and interest.
    Guitar Musings said...
    Congrats. Nothing like playing with your kids. My daughter plays now and the chill I get when her and I play is awesome. Trying to get her to sing too.

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