The sun'll come out tomorrow?

Tomorrow I will have what can arguably be my first public solo. Our worship minister has asked my daughters to sing during offertory. They'll only sing if I accompany. So, it looks like I'm playing in church for the first time alone. Usually I have the rest of the praise team to drown out my playing.

We're doing two songs: Magic Penny and Jesus Above All Names. Easy chords for the most part, except Names has a Bm that I have yet to really master.

Wish us luck!


  1. Alkelda the Gleeful said...
    Okay, I want to know how you're doing the B minor. With my short, stubby fingers, I feel as if I have to stop the song to play the B minor, and 1/2 the time it sounds like a cow in agony.
    K. Jay said...
    Well, I certainly don't claim to sound any better. I use xx4432 and hope for the best. I nailed the Bm but absolutely flubbed the relatively easier E7 yesterday.

    Moving to Bm is not yet automatic for me. I have to look at the frets and think (aim?) before I move to it. I try to avoid B7 altogether.
    Alkelda the Gleeful said...
    So, how did it go?

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