Just for fun


  1. Alkelda the Gleeful said...
    I need one of these too. I'm working toward The Order of the Golden Thumb Pick.
    K. Jay said...
    I used http://dyetub.com/
    Alkelda the Gleeful said...
    I gave my friend Phil the Order of the Armpit in recognition of silliness but he rejected the certificate. Tant pis!
    K. Jay said...
    Though I have not been invited, I have always admired the Order of the Armpit for its emphasis generosity, humility and placing rubber bands on their fingers until their digits turn purple. I think it was Sir Terrence Quidbiddle who, in the year 1568, said of the order "We seek to find the Sacred Rubber Chicken and then throw it at our enemies. You go look over there."

    Wise words that we can all live by today.

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