July 2 , 1994

Fourteen years ago on this date, I wedded the love of my life. I could not ask for a more caring, patient or loving companion.

When I proposed in October, 1993, I wrote a song with the last verse as the proposal. I sang it a Capella as I (obviously) didn't play guitar then. I will be the first to admit that these aren't the strongest lyrics. Ok, they can be downright corny. But that hasn't kept this song from being special to the both of us. This is the first song I sang for my wife after purchasing my first guitar.


There's a girl, who is so dear
And I want to have her always near
She's a friend, and so much more
There's no one in the world I more adore

But when she touches my hand, and holds me tight
I never know if its wrong or right
To feel the way I do right now
I want to tell her so but I don't know how

Her eyes, like the autumn night
Sparkle and glow, they shine so bright
And her laugh, like the spring time rain
It bubbles and flows, it fills me again


When I'm with her, I cannot be afraid
Of what life has in store, or the troubles I've made
Me with her, and her with me
Together we can live so happily


Come with me
And share my life
Together we can be as husband and wife
Take my hand
I'll stand by your side
If only you'd say you'd be my bride

And when you touch my hand and hold me tight
I know now that it's only right
To feel the way, I do with you
Won't you say that you feel the same way too.

(c) K. Jay 1993


  1. Alkelda the Gleeful said...
    Lovely! What I want to know is: did you sing the coda after she accepted you? :)

    As you may be able to tell, I am a firm believer that our lives should be musicals. Why we don't have orchestras accompanying us PLUS the ability to dance in perfect choreographed time is beyond me.

    Happy anniversary!
    K. Jay said...
    Actually, I made it through the whole song, including the coda before she responded sobbing. We had gone for an late afternoon walk on the anniversary of our first date (October something, 1990). We walked to a covered bridge near my house and took a bunch of photos in the adjoining park. I sang to her on the bridge.

    There was another couple there. The woman looked at us as if to say "That is so sweet." The man just glared. I imagine he was thinking "why do you make it so hard for the rest of us?!?"

    The covered bridge burned down two years later.

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