Patrick and other summer stories

A few weeks ago I blogged about wanting a new beach guitar as my current 2nd guitar was so horrible. It had high action, hard to keep in tune, poor intonation down the neck and so on. Well, an honest look at the family finances made it pretty clear that a new guitar was out of the question. I did decide to have a local luthier give it a proper set up. Wow. I now have a guitar in my office instead of a guitar like thing. The luthier adjusted the truss rod to correct the neck relief, then sanded down the saddle to lower the action. The result is a guitar that plays easy, has very tolerable intonation (my ear can still hear slight problems) and very good tone. I am quite pleased. In fact, I'm pleased enough that the kids and I decided that this guitar deserves a name. Instead of having the OTHER guitar at work, I now have Patrick hanging on my wall.

I've been able to sit outside on the front porch and noodle away the evening. In fact, that sparked a little conflict with my oldest child. He is approaching his teen age years when everything his parents do is specifically designed to embarrass him. He was so afraid someone might hear me play that he threw a small tantrum. I just giggled at him when he glared through screen door. When I started singing along to my playing, he slammed the door. I am just twisted enough to have enjoyed his embarrassment.

Beyond that, I really don't have much more to write about. I'm still feeling quite comfortable where my skills are at this point. I've not played in church for the past few weeks as I've done other duties during the worship service. I am thinking of setting one of my favorite passages of scripture to song, Psalms 13. But, I'm gonna have to think about it for a long time.

PS. For those who might be interested, Patrick is an Oscar Schmidt OF2 Folk guitar.


  1. Brad the Gorilla said...
    The main purpose of playing guitar is to make them throw tantrums. If they don't throw tantrums, you're definitely doing something wrong.
    Brad the Gorilla said...
    It's to make PEOPLE throw tantrums.
    K. Jay said...
    Thanks Brad. You and my son have so much in common.

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