I hope you have a very nice show

I've been thinking there should be a saying guitarists could share not unlike the actor's "break a leg." Perhaps there is one and I just don't know it (I don't "gig" a lot).

How about:

Break a string (or is that too obvious?)

Strum on!

May your barres be true!

Break somethin'!

May Chet be with ya!

Don't @#$% it up! (actually, I have heard that one)

Break a neck! (hmmm... I like the double meaning!)

Slice a finger!

Any other suggestions?


  1. Saints and Spinners said...
    People usually tell me "Good luck." It's not very exciting, Hmmm. How about...

    1) Fret not.
    2) Drop your pick in the soundhole.
    3) Turn it up to eleven.
    4) Tilt at windmills (an allusion to Pete Townshend).
    5) Pedal to the medal.
    6) Rock and roll! (Only when one is playing anything but rock and roll)
    K. Jay said...
    I think #3 has some possibilities!

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