Yes, I'm different

It shouldn't be too much of a surprise to anyone who has been reading this blog that I prefer a more old fashioned approach to things. But I also like to use things that have a certain uniqueness. I wear bow ties (and tie them myself). I use fountain pens. I prefer making macaroni and cheese from scratch rather than from a box. I prefer a charcoal grill to gas and use lump charcoal instead of briquettes. I pop my corn on the stove in an antique popper rather than use the microwave. I like having a flat top haircut in the summer. Old fashioned yet still unique.

I've been wanting to purchase a new case for my Art & Lutherie guitar for some time now. It's not that the case I've been using is bad or wearing out. It's just not... right for me. Godin's Tric cases are pretty cool and I opted for the deluxe case with the covering. Lightweight and incredibly insulated against thermal changes, it is a decent enough case. But it's not traditional.

So, as I said, I've been wanting to replace the Tric case for Jane with a hard case. I looked around and, as you might imagine, all the cases seemed to look alike. Traditional but same. Nothing really struck my fancy.

I came across a site (I've long forgotten the URL) that told the story of how Leo Fender walked into a luggage maker's shop and asked them to create a case for the Telecaster. The luggage company did, and used tweed for the outside fabric. A classic look was born. So I poked around and sure enough, tweed guitar cases are not hard to come by but not too many people choose them. I was on the scent.

Jane's basic shape is based on classical guitar dimensions. So, finding a case for such an animal that was also available in tweed was a small challenge. She's a little deeper than most classical guitfiddles are, so many cases would not fit. I did happen across TKL's site and noticed that their classical case in their Prestige line came very close to Art & Lutherie's specifications for the model. A quick email to TKL garnered a response that the case would work and it was available in tweed.

So, to make a boring story short, Jane has a new home.

I know it's odd to be jazzed by something as mundane as a guitar case, but I just feel so much better for having it. Jane expresses who I am so well, both visually as well as audibly. It's nice to have her stored in something goes along with that feeling.

And if I needed any proof, when I pulled the case from the packaging my wife's one comment was: "That's definitely you."


  1. ALittleGuitar said...
    very, very nice. i clicked on the pictures to get the full-sized version and that texture looks very cool
    K. Jay said...
    Thanks ALG. The actual texture is a little deceiving as it is really just a patterned vinyl covering no different than the basic black on most hardshells. A small part of me was hoping for actual fabric, but for the price I paid, that would be hoping for a lot. :^) You can tell, though, that the makers did take a lot of care to line up all the patterns correctly. I'm quite pleased with what I got. Cheers!

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