The End? Again?

Last Sunday I was playing the the praise team and I played an F#m chord. And I knew right then that I'd not be writing AmishGuitar much longer.

This silly little blog was my way of journaling the process of learning guitar--of becoming a guitar player. I've whined and moaned. I've shared breakthroughs and insights. I've measured my growth over the last couple of years. I've had a great time doing it too, though there was the "Dark Period" where I didn't write anything believing I had nothing to say.

But now, I find myself casually playing F#m barre chords without much thought and I wonder just how much I have in me to write about my growth.

Don't get me wrong...I have a lot to still learn about playing this odd box with 6 strings attached. I still have a lot of passion for making music and I still play for my own enjoyment and self induced therapy.

It's just that I've become satisfied with where I am. I feel like anything I'd be likely to write about, in the narrow focus of this blog, would be forced. It's been nearly a month since I've written anything because I've not thought of anything worthy of mentioning. There's been nothing new, nothing note worthy, no insights, no experiences to share. Just casual playing and toying around with fingerstyle.

My life, too, has become much different in the last two years. I've faced my unhealthy lifestyle and have begun a new journey of winning back my health. I've lost 55 pounds over the last year. I've started running this spring and have a goal of racing in a 5K before the summer ends. And my family's activities continue to be a priority over all else.

There are so many blogs in the Blog Graveyard where the authors simply stop writing. Many after one or two posts. I have put enough time and energy into AmishGuitar that I really don't want it to just fade away. I want to make a clear break.

And yet.

And yet there is still part of me that has fallen in love with the practice of blogging itself. There is so much more that I'd be interested in writing even if no one would be interested in reading. And, heaven help me, I just love the AmishGuitar name that I'd hate to stop using it in all the other places on the web where I've become known as such.

So I'm not sure what to do.

I will probably take a break for a spell as I ponder my next move. Perhaps I may just revamp AmishGuitar and expand its scope to a more all inclusive musing of my life. Time will tell.

Thanks for coming this far with me.


  1. ALittleGuitar said...
    Greetings; enjoy your sabbatical and i look forward to reading whatever you feel like writing when the time is right. i've always enjoyed the insightful and self-relevatory nature of your posts, as well as the guitar lessons (i just noticed you had two no. 24s but i can forgive that).

    congratulations on the weight loss (that's worthy of a blog of its own!) and good luck w/ the running. in a previous lifetime (about 17 years, two kids and more-pounds-than-i-care-to-discuss ago) i ran regularly and even did a few marathons. it was a big part of me and i really enjoyed the challenge (much like the guitar). the races are fun and a nice reward for all the solo time you put in.

    i also recently came to a crossroads regarding my belt size and have dropped about 8lbs in a month (many more to go).

    bests to you and your family.
    Saints and Spinners said...
    You've done a lot and gone through a lot in a year. I can well understand the need to take a sabbatical. Perhaps you can expand Amish Guitar beyond your progress with the guitar. Keeping the name of the blog is fine, too. ("Plucking the strings of life" or something equally pun-ny springs to mind.)

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