I was in Chicago for the annual American Library Association conference. As it turned out, my colleague who was to room with me at the hotel had to cancel at the last minute. So, I had a suite to myself. Quite naturally I took my guitar along and was able to play at the end of some long days. It was perfect.

I also had the pleasure of running alongside the shore of Lake Michigan. It was the first time I've ever run along side other runners and, yes, I was a little self conscious. Let's face it, for what I've lost, I'm still more than a little tubby. :^) So, running along, my face all red and my front side bouncing in rhythm with my feet was a little embarrassing. But I stuck it out and soon realized that I was in Chicago...NO ONE was paying attention to little ole me. Well, that's not quite true. I did get a few looks, but they were looks of encouragement, not disdain and I was grateful for that.

Coming home from the conference was another adventure as well, but quite pleasant. My friend Cal is a private pilot. He is working on getting certified for instrument flight rules and needs a certain amount of cross country hours to qualify. He'll often take me along for rides to get these flights. Well, when I first learned I was going to Chicago, I asked if he'd like to fly in and pick me up in his club's Cessna single prop plane. Yada yada yada and the next thing I know, I'm at Midway Airport(!) speeding down the runway less than a minute after a jumbo jet had left on an adjacent runway. That was too cool.

Guitars, running and plane rides. It was a perfect break from the high speed pace of the summer so far.


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